Unlike other Hire tubs, ours are not soft, inflatable tubs. They are real Hot tubs, have proper seating and hydro back therapy jets as well as extras such as drinks trays and ice buckets.

These Hire Tubs can be easily situated anywhere in your garden on level ground.

It is as easy as filling it with water and plugging it in!

All Hire tubs can be plugged into a normal 13 Amp supply and within 12 hours they will be hot and ready to use.


  • Power cable is 4.5m max and requires plugging directly into a mains socket
  • For manouvering whilst delivering and picking up the Hot Tub we need an additional:
    • 90cm width and 2m head height clearance
  • The Hot Tub requires a clear flat leveled route from unloading to installation location.

Hot Tub Measurements:

  • Circular – 200cm Diameter x 88cm Height ( Requires a 90cm clearway)
  • Hexagonal – 174cm Diameter x 78cm Height (requires an 80cm clearway)

Any questions please give us a call.